About us


    Since 1962, the Flauw engineering company has been located in Steenwerck in the north of France. With our engineers and labourer's expertise, as well as the advanced technology, we adapt to our customers' requirements in order to provide them with complete solutions in project study, design, manufacture, automation, entry into service and after-sales service. Flauw engineering, is an essential partner, whatever your sector of activity : agricultural, food processing, industrial.


Research Departement

    Equipped with the latest 3D design software, our designers study and analyze your needs and comply with custom-made solutions to your processes and production lines.

    Mechanical research development, electricity research development, automation and IT, those services enable to guarantee you an optimal functioning of your business-processes.

3D installation example here ... 


    All our products are manufactured in our workshops and go through various steps : flow rate, welding, painting, shot peening, assembly, electricity, testing and inspection.

  Each machine is unique. All of our technicians provide their expertise, their care and experience in the manufacturing of your machines.                       


    Our teams go on site to install and set up your machines.  

    After-sales service

    For us, the after-sales service is a key point which allow you to be confident while using your material.

    Our mechanical and electrotechnical engineers answer your questions and provide solutions to your problems.

   The remote maintenance on your automation as well as available and skilled teams on the road to intervene and quickly respond to your needs.


    The shop comprises more than 500 000 spare parts reference numbers, from the simple nut to the engines, bearings, electric components, rubber strips, grids,  etc …


     Shot blasting, Shot peening, Painting, Conveyors, Vulcanization.